Apple Store di Piazza Liberty Apple Store di Piazza Liberty Apple Store di Piazza Liberty Apple Store di Piazza Liberty

Travel in Milan: Apple Store Piazza Liberty and Starbucks Roastery.

A one day visit to Milan for see the two major openings: the Apple Store in Piazza Liberty and Starbucks Roastery in Cordusio.

I chose a warm day in mid-September to visit Milan and see for yourself the two major openings involving the regional center of Northern Italy, or the Apple Store in Liberty Square and Starbucks Roastery in via Cordusio.

Area Porta Garibaldi

A visit deliberately in “foreign tourist” style, focused on shops and Cathedral: coming from Porta Garibaldi station is the imposing palace headquarters of Unicredit: a curved, sharp rise, covered with glass windows.
Its appearance quite reminiscent of Stark Tower seen in Avengers.  😀

The new surrounding neighborhood resumes the same sinuous lines, glasses and proposes a pond with walkways and fountains.

I continue on foot walking along Corso Como in Milan to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the morning, including bars and shops that open and some unloading. The road leads me to see Porta Garibaldi, Piazza XXV Aprile, where among other things the Eataly. The Milanese urban landscape begins to show the first mounting of advertising: a martini logo back on top of a building and an exhibition of Cattelan in China.

Cattelan wall milanoMartini logo displayEataly in milan

The center: the Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Arriving in Moscow, I go on the Metro, where in a few minutes you reach the Duomo: the inevitable ride gallery with photographs to the stunning Art Nouveau architecture in metal and glass. A must for any tourist is stepping on the “bull bales” and make at least one turn in upon themselves.

Liberty Square is not far off: is located on the right from the center of the gallery. You quickly get away from San Babila, but is more adventurous go into the neighborhood and follow the signs to Siri!

Warning: the square is small and set in the north of the cathedral district: it is easy to overcome it and get lost!

Apple Store in Piazza Liberty


The Apple Store in Piazza Liberty

The Apple Store is shown in front of the visitor as a fountain or in the glass like a staircase, depending on the arrival side: it comes down along the stone stairway (granite?) Towards the window with the Apple logo.

Apple Store in Piazza LibertyApple Store in Piazza Liberty 2Apple Store in Piazza Liberty 3

Entering it turns out that the Apple Store is not over the wall and then under the fountain, but it was under our feet!
The interior design is not much different from a regular Apple Store (such as Oriocenter), but you notice the richest varieties of materials: the walls are made of stone, while the ceiling is bright thanks to openings between the steps of the staircase.
In the bottom of the store there is a big area Theater instead of the genius bar, some potted plants decorate this area.

It comes from the same staircase entry, which has the empty stairs – a fixed place of Steve Jobs – and once outside cross the window and you finally notice the Liberty building on the left that gives the square its name!

Apple Store Liberty palace

Apple Store Liberty Square: 8.5 

The street food

At this point it’s noon and it’s time to be fed with the typical street food Milan: the Pizza and Fried Turnovers Luini! Fortunately both take-away restaurants are nearby and relatively cheap!

Note: Better to anticipate the lunch breaks of Milan’s employees, which starts around 13:00 until 14:30 about!

After a hearty lunch made from a cooked and mozzarella panzerotto, followed by a fried pizza with provolone and hot tomato (served with plenty of water!) Allotment toward Cordusio, actually aiming at the Castello Sforzesco.

The new Starbucks Roastery

At one point I notice a photographer with tripod and photograph one of Airpods via Cordusio palaces, where a queue of people waiting to enter: Starbucks is the Roastery, met without looking at that moment!

Though by Italian skeptical about the “American coffee”, I decide to go, out of sheer curiosity. After a wait of about twenty minutes, overcome the various gates and within the building.

And here I am inside: the large hall of the building is furnished with refinement and taste rather Overload: colored marbles, all hot / brown color wood and metal, while at the center of the space is a real roasting facility!

All too popular and similar to a playground for an Italian, in this way you can realize that the target Roastery perhaps are more foreign tourists visiting Milan, the Milanese that they …

Inside are 3 bars, or sales points: the bar council during the day arrive, the one positioned at the bottom, the first half-plane: lí waiting times are low and appears to be in a lounge overlooking the entire local .

Note: just entered not instinctively join the queue on the right, where there is the main store but aim high at Bar Coming!

the coffee

When ordering you can choose from three different mixtures that do not remember: a “traditional” the other Brazilian dried in the sun and decaffeinated. I choose the second, with the promise of being the sweet and fruity from the young waiter.

I turn to a coffee short, that which is closest to the ‘mash’ of Starbucks US … from Italian I say, better than good! A hot mug with the legendary mash: I seem to have a coffee from Mocha for 3, diluted with water and heated the next day  😆… but so, this is the coffee and how coffee

Starbucks Roastery: 7- for the effort.



Milan is always a good destination for a one-day visit, and the opening of Apple Store Liberty, along with Starbucks is the confirmation of what is known city in the world. Council to include both in the local “loop-the-tourist-one-day”.

As for the coffee and throat instead, I have to admit that a good bar / Italian pastries can serve sweet excellent and an espresso beyond what tried to Starbucks.  😎

caffe espresso macchiato e crostatina, cioccolatino e Stiglitz

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