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inVision Studio is free: you must know.

Defying Adobe on the ground of prototyping tools, Invision also made “Invision Studio” its professional program aimed at groups of UI and UX design “free”.

The program can be easily downloaded from the page dedicated to the suite and is available for Windows and Mac.

An excellent 2018 for graphics software

The choice of invision is good news, especially if — as a designer — you are not a Sketch Integralist and in this 2018 you are deciding on which tool to aim to achieve mockups of apps and mobile sites.

In particular, if you or your company have not yet bought all the various licenses and (laboriously) set up the work flow and formed the “non-designers”.

It seems that 2018 will be the year with the biggest selection of graphics software “competing for the victory”: it was from the early 2000s, at the time of Macromedia Freehand 8, Corel Draw 9 and Adobe Illustrator that there was not a similar competition!

Invision Studio, last but not least

The latest arrival in the arena, at the beginning of 2018 was Studio of inVision, presented with this stylish video that is already a good start.
Here is the video, from Youtube, which was the pre-launch trailer.

The software has different similitudes with sketches and seems to have the ability to import project files.

Very interesting is the presence of a dedicated Interactivity panel that allows you to present some micro interactions without having to create mockup files in After Effects or other programs. (So staying native).


The choice of inVision is to entice the designers, and instead charge the development costs to the organizations.
To be able to fully interact and visualize the prototypes without problems and in a safe way, specific company licenses will be provided

On the entreprise page, more info

This, however, as a designer, does not concern you: the inVision Studio prototyping suite is free for you and always will be.

Actually also Adobe XD is free(see), this was the Adobe answer to the move of inVision. Nice 2018!

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