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Welcome. This blog will talk about graphic design, UI UX design, new media and other things. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a shopkeeper or a design enthusiast you will find something interesting diving into the articles.


Medium article

La crisi dell’advertising dagli 80s a oggi.

Una digressione per capire da dove è partito il deprezzamento del ruolo del creativo e dell’industria creativa. Per capire come siamo arrivati qua.

dollar in future - minodesign Medium article

Predizioni sul futuro: i soldi.

Il secondo di una serie di articoli su come cambieranno alcuni aspetti del mondo nei prossimi decenni.
Questo capitolo parla de i soldi: come saranno? saranno sicuri?

Latest image by minodesign in Gettyimages images selfie

Un’altra immagine minodesign approda su Getty

Un’altra immagine minodesign è approdata su Geyyimages! Scopri quale o vai a rivedere le altre.

sailfish 3 aurora borealis Medium article

Sailfish OS 3 potrebbe essere il tuo prossimo mobile OS.

Probabilmente non lo conosci, ma Sailfish OS dopo la morte di Windows Phone, è ormai il terzo ecosistema mobile dopo iOs e Android. 


Lo SMAU 2018 di minodesign

Si è appena conclusa l’edizione 2018 di SMAU. Questo il nostro percorso formativo scelto, tra prenotazioni e incontri casuali.

little retail must go digital` New media

Small shops should go digital right now

Little retailers are often stuck in the present, but they must begin to catch the attention of young and connected people, or in a few years they will lose many customers!

Apple Store di Piazza Liberty Travel

Travel in Milan: Apple Store Piazza Liberty and Starbucks Roastery.

A one day visit to Milan for see the two major openings: the Apple Store in Piazza Liberty and Starbucks Roastery in Cordusio.

ebay extra spiega free stuff

Discover ebay EXTRA!

In its competitive battle against Amazon, ebay is trying to renew its services and maintain existing customers.
From this was born ebay Extra…

some sketch of future apple product out in 2028 Medium article

Apple products in 2028

I tried to imagine what could be the Apple products in 2028 visualising the future range with some sketch.

we live in a future lazy Medium article

We live in a “lazy” future?

Twenty years later, I found the same old children’s book called “Future”. Many of the forecasts for 2018/2020 are far from realising, but there are some fields to the pass and others less …

death valley of advertising Medium article

What is the “Death Valley of Advertising” and why you should stay away.

There is a group of customers that over the years has caused the downfall of tens, hundreds of advertising, marketing and web services agencies: smaller shops and SMEs…

invision-is-free-forever content curation

inVision Studio is free: you must know.

Defying Adobe on the ground of prototyping tools, Invision also made “Invision Studio” its professional program aimed at groups of UI and UX design “free”.

content curation

In 2017, more than 60% of online advertising investments went to Facebook and Google

In recent years, advertising investments have gradually moved towards the web, abandoning the so-called traditional media, such as…

Medium article

Your reflex is a funnel!

In these weeks, thanks or due to the challenging SLR Sigma SD15, I’m brushing off the old notions of photography, dating back to the late 90s, on film SLR. I’m focusing in particular on the theme of sharpness, or rather the resolving power.

Sigma SD 15 vs EOS 1000d: una sfida tra sensori Bayer e Foveon “oldgen“ , a Crespi d’Adda Medium article

Sigma SD 15 vs EOS 1000d: a challenge between “oldgen” sensor Bayer and Foveon, in Crespi d’Adda.

A few weeks ago I bought an used Sigma SD15, in order to touch the “legendary sharpness” of the Foveon sensor. The benchmark reference could only be my current EOS 1000d, a good SLR that by age and megapixel lends itself particularly to the comparison. The place of challenge: Crespi d’Adda.


Inspiration: Street Sketchbook by Tristan Manco

The sketchbook is a fundamental tool for artists, writers, and graphic designers, at least since it was decided to organize the draft sheets in a practical notebook format. In this post of inspiration, I present a collection of a few years ago, “Street Sketchbook” by Tristan Manco,

adobe_regala_XD free stuff

Adobe XD becomes free

Adobe, the leading American software company for the graphics industry, has decided to free Adobe XD, its latest software for prototyping app interfaces and websites. Find out more by continuing reading!

minodesign image on Getty images selfie

minodesign arrives on Getty Images!

Getty Images, the famous photographic portal, has recently put in catalog 2 “images by minodesign” made during a trip to the Dodecanese. And others should appear soon.

immagine di un lancio spacex selfie

The prime post, blog minodesign

The first post of a blog has the role of an editorial in the first issue of a magazine: it says everything and says nothing, it must indicate a direction. And to indicate a direction we must start from the past.


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